Planning Backyard Parties in Willow Springs, Illinois

Unpredictable weather can make it hard to plan backyard events. ABT makes it easy as 1-2-3 with party tent rental in Willow Springs and wedding tent rental in Willow Springs.

The best outdoor parties always include great food, fun décor and the perfect playlist to set the mood. If only Willow Springs, IL weather were more reliable! You want your guests to remember your party for the fun they had – not because of the bad weather. In fact, you can change how Willow Springs weather impacts your outdoor wedding, graduation party or family reunion. Get a party tent or wedding tent rental in Willow Springs from Affordable Backyard Tents!

Work with a local, Willow Springs-area company.

Affordable Backyard Tents is a woman-owned business that is owned and operated by a family in nearby Oak Park. You can learn more about our business by looking around the rest of our website. You’ll see the rental event tents and party needs we supply to Willow Springs, IL families  Then, call us to see how Affordable Backyard Tents can help make your next outdoor event something your guests will always remember!

Renting a wedding tent, party tent, outdoor reception tent or golf outing tent in Willow Springs, IL is as easy as 1-2-3!


How big is your outdoor event space?

Is it grass or a hard surface like concrete or asphalt?

Is it a combination of hard surface and grass?


About how many guests will attend your Willow Springs outdoor event?

Will the guests mostly arrive and leave at about the same time? Or will the numbers vary?


Are you planning an outdoor event that will use round tables or rectangular banquet tables?

Or are you planning an outdoor reception that will only require highboy cocktail tables?

With those three pieces of information, we can recommend the best party tent for your Willow Springs event. Affordable Backyard Tents can also supply rental tables, rental chairs, rental linens, rental lighting, rental dance floors and beverage serving tables for your outdoor party. Plus, as another defense against Willow Springs, IL weather, get rental tent sides and rental tent heaters from Affordable Backyard Tents!


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