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High Peak Rental Tent with Optional Sides

Tent Sides

Protect your guests from the elements with optional rental tent sides from Affordable Backyard Tents. Rental tent sides keep the wind and rain out. They also make a tent feel more like an indoor ballroom. Solid sides are white and reach from the edge of the tent top to the ground. Windowed sides allow more light in and provide a touch of elegance. Sides are available in 15 foot and 20 foot lengths. NOTE: Our tents don’t come with slides – you must specifically request them and agree to the additional charge.


Solid sides: $35 each
Windowed sides: $45 each

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Rental Dance Floor

This indoor / outdoor oak parquet dance floor comes in 3′ x 4′ sections. The only requirement for this great looking dance floor is that it must be set up on a flat surface, which can be grass. Prices include standard installation.


12′ x 12′ Dance Floor (capacity 20): $300
15′ x 16′ Dance Floor (capacity 30): $400
16′ x 18′ Dance Floor (capacity 50): $450

rental dance floor<br />

Tent Heaters

These forced air rental tent heaters use propane. The heater sits outside the tent and blows warm air under the sidewalls through an air duct. The heater is controlled by a thermostat, so your guests will be very comfortable with this rental heater. Just set the thermostat and the heater will turn on and off as needed. The only things the heater needs are an electrical outlet and propane to run. You can supply your own propane or ABT will supply it for an additional fee.

85K BTU Rental Tent Heater with Thermostat: $125 each
175K BTU Rental Tent Heater with Thermostat: $175 each
100 lb Propane Tank for Heaters: $150 each

String Globe Lights

These lights provide nice, soft lighting for a tent giving off just enough light. Usually, the lights are strung down the middle of the tent from center pole to center pole. We offer five-light strings and eight-light strings. Each plastic globe light is a 40-watt bulb. Prices include installation.

5-light or 8-light String: $40 each

Rental party lights

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Beverage Service Rental Equipment

Fill ‘n’ Chill Beverage Table

These unique rental beverage tables are 6′ long with a 6″ lip and a center drain plug. The table holds up to 50 pounds of ice and cold salads or 60-70 cans and bottles. Your guests will appreciate serving themselves from this table instead of sticking their hands in an ice-filled cooler!

Fill ‘n’ Chill Table: $50 each

rental fill n. chill beverage server

5-Foot Portable Serving Bar

This is a very nice professional serving bar on wheels. Commercial grade plastic and stainless steel panels are on the front of the bar. There’s plenty of room for bottles, ice and extra glasses behind the bar.

5′ Portable Serving Bar: $100 each

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Rental Table Linens

Custom table linens are the rental party accessory you won’t want to forget about. Our restaurant-quality polyester table linens are available in white and a wide variety of colors.

8′ Banquet Table Linens
72″ x 120″

White: $12.50 each
Colors: $12.50 each
Floor length: $22.50 each

4′ Round Table Linens
108″ diameter

White: $16 each
Colors: $16 each

5′ Round Table Linens
120″ diameter

White: $16 each
Colors: $16 each

High Boy Cocktail Table Linens
132″ diameter

White: $19.50 each
Colors: $19.50 each

Additional Linens

Bows or Ties: $4 each
Napkins: $1.50 each

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Customer pick-up is NOT available for rental party equipment.

We add a delivery charge to every order. The amount depends on delivery location. 

We add a 3% convenience fee to all credit card transactions.

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